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Chairman Messages

Chairman Messages

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company ,GOPAL ENGINEERING Agricultural Machinery Group India has been the pioneer in development and manufacturing of High-Quality Agricultural Machinery and Agricultural Equipments.

Shri Jayanta Kumar Sahu , age 55 worked in various field before gopal engineering proved as a sucessful businessman through out odisha

He served 30 years in various Sector,with name and fan, not only he is a business ,apart from this he is active part in social service

Apart from business,he is active part in social service. He was involved as a patron membership in Govt. medical college and hospital action committe.

currently active along with gopal engineering is

*Maa bricks (Balipal sason,ayodhya,nilagiri):Successfully running since 2002

*Satyasai motors(Januganj golei,Balasore):one of the oldest Swaraj tractor showroom.

Shri Jayanta Kumar Sahu